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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Octane Power Tools a script?

A: No, Octane Power Tools is a complete stand alone application. With Octane Power Tools we provide a very simple scripts (consisting of few lines of code) for different modeling packages (3D Max, Blender, Maya, Lightwave,   Softimage XSI  , Maxon C4D , SketchUp to export the camera data to a text file. Octane Power Tools in some of its features use this file to animate the camera in Octane Render exactly as it was animated in the modeling package. 


Q: What modeling packages Octane Power Tools support?

A: Right now Octane Power Tools supports 3D Max, Blender , LightWave , Maya. , SoftImage XSI  , Maxon C4D and SketchUp Other packages will be supported very soon!

Q: What versions of Octane Render, Octane Power Tools works with?

A: Octane Power Tools works with all the past and current versions of Octane render, and it will work with all the future versions of Octane Render as well.

Q: Is Octane Power Tools development related to Octane Render development team?

A: Octane Power Tools is not related in any way to Refractive Software nor Octane Render development team or owners. Octane Power Tools development is completely independent and will remain so.

Q: Why don't you join hands with Refractive Software team?

A: We tried to do this 10 months ago when we developed the first version to use in our project, and contacted the owner and he refused.

Q: Will Octane Power Tools break with new development of Octane Render?

A: No, Octane Power Tools will never fail to work with Octane Render new releases. Simply because Octane Power Tools does not depend on Octane Render code at all, it uses the GUI of Octane Render. Therefor, it will always work as good.

Q: Can I use my Octane Power Tools single license on all of my machines?

A:  Octane Power Tools license single license is for one machine only. If you need other machines to use Octane Power Tools, you need to obtain other licenses for those machines. If you need to obtain more than 2 licenses please contact for a special price based on the number of licenses you need.

Q: How do I obtain the new releases of Octane Power Tools, and how much I will pay for that?

A: You will pay nothing. All updated up to version 2 will be free, and you will be notified about them and you will find them on your files section ready to be downloaded.

Q: Octane Power Tools looks good, but how does it perform in real projects?

A: Octane Power Tools was originally in-house developed  to be used in our projects and for our clients. That said, the outcome of Octane Power Tools in time, effort and money it saved us was HUGE, it did more than expected, we were able to produce animation of minutes in hours. We enjoyed using Octane Power Tools and you will enjoy it as much.

Q: What is the planned development roadmap  for Octane Power Tools?

A: Octane Power Tools will have a complete built in animation system for almost everything you see in Octane Render and other things e.g. Textures, Lights, Transformation, Different Image Formates, Movie Creation, Auto Image resize and more. More about this will be added to the Features page.

Q: How many developers are working on Octane Power Tools?

A: Right now, there are 2 developers working on Octane Power Tools.

Octane Render Power Tools Animation Tools For Octane Render and 2014